How It Works

  • Air Pressure moves iSealTires into the leak or puncture.
  • Fillers and Fibers snag and clutch onto the leak or puncture area
  • Rolling of the tire flexes the tire and compacts the fillers and fibers into a seal.
  • The process is repeated continually as the tire rolls and the equipment is used.

For both Off-Road and Over-the-Road uses, in Agricultural, Lawn & Garden, Waste, Landfills, Landscaping, Mining, Military, Recreational, UTV/ATV, Work Trucks, or Heavy Duty Over-the-Road Trucking.

iSealTires Provides:

  • Virtual elimination of (air) pressure loss
  • Sealing for the life of the tire
  • Seals small leaks (bead leaks, pinholes, wheel seeps, and rubber porosity)
  • Seals punctures, small and large (1/2” in 8 ply or above)
  • One-time application/installation

At rest, iSeal forms a small pool of product at the bottom of the tire. As the tire/wheel assembly rotates, the product evenly distributes throughout the assembly coating all inner surfaces; virtually eliminating air loss from small leaks. When the vehicle/equipment slows down and comes to a stop iSealTires forms back into a pool. The process repeats each time the tire/wheel rotates. Each time reinforcing itself and protecting the tire from old and new leaks or punctures. When punctures occur, air pressure forces fillers and fibers into the injury. Rolling under load mechanically compacts iSealTires in the injury into a flexible air tight plug. This is how iSealTires virtually eliminates air loss.

Essential Components of iSealTires:

  • Freeze protected liquid carrier
  • Biocide
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Fillers
  • Fibers
  • Stable Thickener


  • Operating Temperatures: -35ºC (-30ºF) to 143ºC (290ºF)
  • Color: Off-White
  • Soluble in water (easily water washable)
  • Compatible with natural and synthetic rubbers
  • Compatible with tire repair materials, just wash out, dry and repair

Use in Ballasted Applications

  • Provides approximately ¼” puncture sealing when used in ballasted tires; use 1-part iSeal to 15-parts water/anti-freeze.

A Useful Analogy: “Beaver Dam”

It starts with logs and large branches, then smaller limbs, sticks and other debris. Followed by smaller items like twigs, leaves, pebbles and mud. 

As in the “Beaver Dam” analogy iSealTires Heavy Duty Tire Sealant builds flexible permanent plugs and seals even small air leaks, FOR THE LIFE OF THE TIRE!